Emotes are a highly desired item in GARENA Free Fire, users can usually obtain them through special events. Lol is one of the most well-known emotes available in the game. When activated, it performs an animation where the character appears to be laughing with a hand placed on its stomach. Players often make use of the emote to taunt their foes.

Step by Step guide to purchasing LOL emote in the free fire.

STEP 1: Log in to the free fire game, then when you are lobbied you can immediately select the section called the shop.

STEP 2: In this position, you will be able to enter directly and then select the name collection. Here, there are many skin choices, but you can just choose the one with the emote image.

STEP 3: When you are in here, then you can just search for an emote named LOL in options that are already present.

STEP 4: After finding this Emote, then just prepare the Diamonds according to the price set by GARENA.

STEP 5: By spending a total of 399 diamonds you can immediately have that cool Emote in this free fire game.

The Emote will be acquired after successful payment.

How to equip LOL emote in free fire?

STEP 1: To begin, users must press the collection tab as shown here.

STEP 2: Next, under the ’emote’ section, players will have to select the LOL emote Individuals will also need to select the slot they want to put the emote in.

STEP 3: Players can top on the ‘equip’ button.

Besides these two rare emotes, a not-so-rare option “LOL” emote is available via Garena’s Booyah app. Players will need to sign-up in March 2022 for the app to claim the emote alongside other unique prizes in Free Fire

Switching Steps

Switching Steps emote is available in Gather Balloons event (Image via Garena)
Switching Steps emote is available in the Gather Balloons event (Image via Garena)

Apart from the Leap of Fail emote, Switching Steps is another rare option available this week. The emote is available in the Holi-themed “Gather Balloons” event (Indian region exclusive).


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