DJ Alok is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire. The active ability of the character, how to get free diamonds in free fire free bundle free dj alok free emote free characters Drop the Beat, allows players to increase the movement speed of their allies and in HP recovery.

If players want to buy DJ Alok, they will have to spend diamonds (in-game money). Sometimes, they might not have sufficient money to purchase diamonds, and hence players can opt for methods to obtain free diamonds.

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire?

Players can choose any of the following options to obtain Free Fire diamonds for free:

Giveaways and tournaments

Many popular streamers organize giveaways and tournaments that players can take part in and win exciting prizes. Mobile gamers have to register their name and be lucky enough to win cash rewards or diamonds that Free Fire streamers gift to their fans. To win tournaments, players will need a good set of skills to win rewards.

In-game events

Free Fire comes through with many in-game events from time to time. Mobile gamers can participate in these events and stand a chance to win diamonds or other exciting prizes.

How to buy DJ Alok in Free Fire?

Players can buy DJ Alok characters for free after obtaining free diamonds
Players can buy DJ Alok characters for free after obtaining free diamonds

Once players get their hands on diamonds for free, they can utilize the in-game currency to buy any character of their choice. If mobile gamers want to buy DJ Alok, they can follow the steps given below:

  1. Users must open Free Fire and click on the Character option.
  2. Players will have to tap on the Change button.
  3. They will now be able to scroll through the characters and then choose DJ Alok.
  4. Once players click on the Obtain option, DJ Alok will be automatically selected in the store.
  5. Mobile gamers can then click on the Purchase button.
  6. They will then have to confirm the purchase. Players will have to spend 599 diamonds to buy DJ Alok.


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