Emotes are an excellent way for Free Fire players to express themselves on the battlefield. However, acquiring them for free is an uphill task, and getting a legendary one is even more difficult.

All cosmetic items hold great value in the GARENA Free Fire, but emotes have a special place among the players. Sometimes they go out of their way to spend a large number of diamonds just to obtain their favorite emotes.

However, not everyone possesses enough diamonds and seek alternative options to get the legendary emote for cheap or a lower cost. Here is an overview of a few free and paid ways to get emotes in Free Fire.1) Events

Events are an excellent option for Free Fire players to get numerous items within the game. These can broadly be put into two different categories, free and paid. Free events

Top-up events are close.

Top-up events have long been a popular option for gamers to acquire freebies. These require users to purchase a given number of diamonds to obtain the rewards. Previously, players had emotes like Dribble King and Big Smash available for free. They can expect more events in the coming days.

FFWS emote as part of playtime event.

During the Free Fire World Series Finals, gamers had the opportunity to get the legendary FFWS 2021 emote for free by playing for 100 minutes on the peak day. Thus, gamers should keep an eye out for the events offering emotes and leave no stone unturned to get the rewards.Paid events

Some events, such as the Emote Party, specifically provide emote rewards to participants. However, they require diamonds. The game’s developers have hosted numerous iterations of this event and have brought back countless famous emotes. Players may stock up diamonds and spend them to get the emote2) Faded Wheel and Luck Royales

Often Faded Wheels and numerous other Luck Royale provide users with an opportunity to get legendary emotes. However, even this method requires gamers to spend diamonds. In the Faded Wheel, users are assured of the rewards in a specified number of spins, while this is not the case for other royales.3)

Redeem Codes.

Redeem code option for the Brave Crystal token (Image via Free Fire)

FFCO Events is running.

The developers have also provided multiple other emotes as part of the redeem code rewards. During the FFAC finals in late November, users were able to obtain the Chicken emote, while the Shake it Up emote was given out during the grand finals of FFCO.

The players also had the One Finger Push Up emote during the Free Fire India Championship Grand Final in 18 January 2022) In-game store.

Users can purchase diamonds through store.

Emotes may be purchased via the in-game store. These start at 199 diamonds and go up to 599 diamonds, which may be too much for certain people. However, gamers might use discount coupons to enjoy a price reduction to an extent.


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