Emotes are available in the store and start at 199 diamonds, with the legendary ones sometimes costing thousands of diamonds. These are usually available in faded wheel and some events often require in-game currency.

Some users do not have enough diamonds, but the attempts of emotes is too powerful for them to resist. So they look for free fire alternatives.

Players can get free emotes from EVENTS

Free Fire brimming with events, and new ones are introduced as soon as the present one concludes. As part of the free fire Holi celebration, players have an opportunity to earn the Greetings emote for free by playing for 60 minutes on peak day.

Top-up events are also an excellent way to get freebies. Users need to purchase diamonds to get several exclusive items which may include emotes. Players should keep an eye out for such events and ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain special rewards.

Name of popular free fire emotes.

  • Free Fire rose emote
  • Free Fire LOL emote
  • Free Fire Throne emote
  • Free Fire Flag emote
  • Free Fire Love emote
  • Free Fire Alok emote
  • Free Fire dance with dog emote.

Well, there are many famous emotes of free fire, but the emote of a person dancing with a dog is the most viral emote. It was liked by 1 Million people and unlocked by more than 5 Lakh people. Yet, this emote is available in only about 10,000 free fire accounts because it is one of the rarest emotes.

Emote Royal to get all emotes free.

If you want to get all legendary free fire emotes like DJ Alok’s dance emote. Then this method is beneficial for you. In the Indonesian server of free fire, There is an event That is like a lucky draw (Emote Royal), In which you can quickly get more than ten free emotes at once. This event is Ongoing for a limited time only. After some weeks, the same event will come in the Indian server as per the rumors. But, waiting is not worth this event because anyone can join the Indonesian free fire server and participate in Emote royal to grab free emotes.

Steps to get free emotes by applying Emote Royal method:

  • First of all, You need to download a VPN app, which will help you to join the Free fire Indonesian server. You can immediately download the best VPN app on play store.
  • After Installing the VPN app, open it, and it will ask you to sign up, So you need to Sign up with your mobile number. Then it will ask to enter An OTP for Mobile number verification, Which you already received in Your inbox. Check it and Enter the OTP there for completing the signup.
  • In the VPN app, you will get so many servers for selecting, Click on the search bar and Search For “Indonesian server,” and click on it. When you get connected to the server, you will get a small “OK” icon in your notification. After appearing the icon, press the back button. (Do not close the VPN app)
  • Start Free fire game and Log out of your original account. After logging out, You will get redirected to a Login page where’s you will see a guest account option in the top right corner. Click on it. After clicking on it, you will get access to joining the Free fire Indonesian server.
  • After joining the server, Click on the Store icon available on the left side. Then, click on Emote Royal option, which will be at the fourth number inside the store.
  • On the page of Emote Royal, you will get a free Voucher for participating in this event claim it and use this Voucher to spin the Emote Royal, and you will get so many free emotes. After getting free emotes, send them to your Original free fire account and delete the guest account.
Free Emotes from special airdrops.

Old free fire players mainly use the special airdrop method because this method is a secret method to unlock all emotes in Free fire, and newbies don’t have enough knowledge about this method. So that’s why they are deprived of it. Special Airdrop is a type of exclusive offer, which provides four emote for free. There are 12 types of Special airdrop in the new version of free fire, in which 6 Special airdrops provide free emotes.

Actions to use Special Airdrops to Unlock all emotes for free:

  • Uninstall the old free fire from your smartphone and redownload the new version from the Google play store.
  • If your free fire account is ancient, you need to create a new account. At first, create a Facebook account, open free fire, and click on Log in with Facebook.
  • Now, Play the video to download the ZIP File and after downloading these files, extracting them in the folder of OBB files.
  • After extracting the zip files, Within 5 Minutes, you will get a special airdrop with emotes in your newly created Free fire account.
  • Open the Special airdrop, and click on Claim rewards to unlock all available emotes for free in the special offer. (You can repeat this same process till you not get all emotes)

Note: You can also send these obtained emotes in your old free fire account by Applying the available feature in the game of sending items to another person as a gift.


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