Free fire has Several Unique aspect That Provide and pent in the game, and each character has its unique ability that gets enhanced upon leaving up. these character certainly provide a small advantage to the user. and hence players look to obtain Them in free fire

Most character can be purchased from the in game store using diamonds but buying diamonds to unlock these characters is possible for every as it costs them real money. In this article, we talk about how players can unlock characters at no cost in GARENA Free Fire


Price – 6000 gold coins

Ability – Bushido

The armor penetration enhances by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in the HP (health points/hit points). Players can further unlock the Awaken state of Hayato by completing the given missions with the character.

Awaken ability – Art of Blades

When the HP is low, the damage taken from the front will get lowered automatically.

2) Jota

Price – 8000 gold coins

Ability – Sustained Raids (Passive)

Players can recover some HP when they hit the opponents with guns. If they successfully knockdown, they can receive a 10% HP.


Price – 8000 gold coins

Ability – Xtreme Encounter

Players get a temporary 80 HP, which will decay over time. In addition to the HP gain, the damage to shields and gloo walls also increases. The effects will stay for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 150 seconds.

4) A124

Price – 8000 gold coins

Ability – Thrill of Battle (Active)

It helps in boosting the Ep to HP conversion rate for four seconds, and a total of 20 EP is converted into HP for a given duration. Another benefit of A124 is the 10-second cooldown of her ability.

5) D-Bee

Price – 8000 gold coins

Ability – Bullet Beats (Passive)

Users get a buff in their movement speed and accuracy by 5% and 20%, respectively. The ability will come into effect whenever players shoot while moving in a match.


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